I Have Lost My Lowes Credit Card – What to do Now?

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.Adversities can come up on anyone. One of them is when someone says I lost my Lowes credit card. a lost or stolen card means that your Lowes account is in danger.

You have given too much for this credit card. Your time, your money and your heart and now it is lost with one careless move. From the application process to the activation of Lowes credit card, you have formed a bond with your card. Let’s see what can be done to undone the loss.

What should I do if I lost my Lowes credit card?

First of all, you should ask yourself that what went wrong that I lost my Lowes credit card. a carefree attitude of handling and managing Lowes credit card can get you in trouble. If you have lost your card while you were long gone in your imaginary world this is what you should do immediately:

Contact Lowe’s Customer Service:

  1. Call Lowes customer services at 1(800) 444-1408 and ask the operator to immediately block your card.
  2. If you have an internet connection, login to Lowes credit card account and report your lost card.
  3. Go to the nearest Lowes store if you are outside and lost your card. report it to the store representative and block your card.

Policies of Lowes for Lost credit cards

Lowes credit cards offer different policies as alternatives to your lost card. they also provide you with new credit cards.

Closure of old account

When your credit card is lost. And you report it before illegal use. It automatically close your Lowes account. The whole trade line is blocked and it starts with a new chain with a new card.

New card with the same number

So, you will get a replacement card after your lost or stolen card is blocked. The card will be of the same number as your older card. you only have to make a new account for Lowes.

Temporary card

If you have lost your card or someone has stolen it from you then there are alternatives. As long as you do not have your card, Lowes can offer you a temporary card. This card is only for store use so that you can shop easily until the new card comes.

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