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Call 1-800-445-6937 to Contact Lowes credit card customer service and talk to the representative to solve you issue with Lowes Advantage card. Get support via phone, mail, in store.

Any company’s popularity is based on the trust and Lowes credit card customer service fulfills the criteria of maintaining a strong bond between the customers and the company. Lowe’s credit card customer service is specifically introduced so that you can have a complete guiding team for Lowes credit card or Lowes Advantage card. The company will treat you like a family member so never hesitate to ask for help.


What good can Lowes credit card customer service do?

Reviews about many credit card companies can make you think that the customer service is a monster which will eat you up if you disturbed him from his sleep.

Or maybe because of some poor customer service experience where you were not answered from anywhere you might be thinking that customer services are as extinct as dinosaurs. I am so sorry for your previous experience but one thing I can assure you of is that you will never regret considering Lowes credit card customer services.

Have a look at the credit card tasks you can perform through the help of Lowes customer service. This will make you believe that humanity is still alive as helping others is one of the factors of being a human.

Manage your account with Lowes credit card customer services

New to the Lowes credit card family? Don’t be shy or confused if you have made an account for Lowes credit card and you are having trouble in managing your account. Or maybe you are getting difficulty in logging in Lowes credit card account. Don’t fear when Lowe’s customer service is here. Get help from a customer care attendant and acquire all the information you need to set up your newly built account.

Report a lost or stolen card

Think for a moment that you go for shopping in a busy market area and when you reach your desired shop and search for your wallet, it is not there.

Maybe you dropped it in the rush or is it possible that someone stole it? Now that is something you should worry about but not that much because you can connect to Lowes credit card customer service from anywhere. Report your card through phone or just by going to the headquarters and block your card.

Payment information through Lowes credit card customer service

Paid your bills? A good job is done but you still seem to be restless. Oh! You haven’t received the confirmation notification that your payment has reached. I don’t want you to die due to excessive tension that is why I will suggest you to consider customer service guidance and ask them as to why you have not received any notification.

Keep a Check on your Balance

I am impressed by the thought this section might be of great interest to you because you always want to be well aware of your account balance’s current situation. What are the customer service operators are sitting there for? Just ask them to do it for you. Demand for what is wholly and solely yours.

Close or Cancel your Lowes Credit Card

Saddened by the thought that you are closing your Lowes credit card I am here to write for you in deep emotions that even if you want to take this huge step, the customer service of Lowes credit card will be available for your help in this crucial time as well.

Contact the customer services through the most feasible way according to you and tell them the reason why you are closing your credit card. You will be asked to provide the same information you gave before for verification. Ease them for your own ease.

Means to Access Lowes Credit Card Customer Service

Lowes credit card customer service is not limited within a particular range and does not revolve around a single set for connecting the customers with the company.

You can be having a hard time with your credit card related queries but as soon as you will know that you can contact them trough different mediums like calling, mailing, emailing and visiting, you will feel as light as a feather.

Call them

As you might have different numbers for different people based on their priority in your life, Lowes credit card services also have different numbers for different purposes. It is only that they do not differentiate among their customers. For general inquiry you can dial (800) 445-6937.

If you are prone to texting you can consider this number (704) 313-1818 which is specified for texting only. For your credit accounts information call (800) 444-1408.

Reach through mail

If you wanted to be a writer but couldn’t become one, consider writing letters to Lowes credit card customer service as your new hobby. You can have any sort of query answered relating to your credit card. Just pen down your questions and confusions and send them to Lowe’s Customer Care (CON8) P.O. Box 1111 North Wilkesboro, North Carolina 28656 United States.

Meet in person

If you want to make sure that an alien invasion or zombie apocalypse on our earth has still not happened and meet the voices behind the customer care phone operators, you are welcome to visit the headquarters of Lowes customer care centre on the above mentioned address.


You can contact Lowes credit card customer services through emailing. Well this is something other companies do not provide but Lowes offers diversity in connecting with its customers so here you are with the email address [email protected]. You can also visit the official Lowes website to contact the customer care

Through this detailed guide about the customer services of Lowes credit card, your ideas about customer services will not only change but you will also start to consider customer services more often.

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