How to Apply for Lowes Credit Card Pre Approval?

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We are going to learn some naughty tricks for Lowes credit card pre approval. Lowes is actually a hardware store in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina that at one time also sold sewing notions, dry goods, and horse supplies in addition to the hardware staples. Lowe’s started to expand across North Carolina and eventually into all 50 states.

What Lowes Demands for an Approval?

Lowes offers credit cards with project financing, with 0 APR rate if the card holder pays off his due payment within first six months. You can also get 5% discount on your eligible purchases. This is quite delightful of a deal isn’t it? But you have to do a little bit of a struggle to meet the criteria of getting approved for applying for their credit card.

lowes credit card application

Lowes’ demands are a bit high that is why it comes amongst the difficult credit cards to get. They want a FICO score of around 630 with no negative remarks on your bank statement and a clean and purified credit history. They can even ask for a baptism of your account if that is possible.

And guess what the story doesn’t end here, fico score is demanded but is not enough to guarantee your approval so all the other financial information is asked which even you don’t know about your account. Well a little knowledge increased; a lot of time wasted because even then you will be considered to be considered.

These people interrogate you to such an extent that they can squeeze the last drop of patience left in you and you just decide to back off from applying. Such a frustrating process!

What you Will do to Get Lowes Credit Card Pre Approval

Obviously as a normal human being you will not want to end up in an asylum for all that frustration or in a jail for killing these people of not getting satisfied even if you tell them the slightest details which were not even needed. But you want this credit card in any case so you will think of another way and this other way will be the shopping cart trick.

The shopping card trick

The shopping cart trick works as a prerequisite approval for a credit card without any hard and tough information session. If you are in need of Lowes credit card with a bad credit and want to have all the rewards of a good scored credit card, this trick can make the impossible possible for you. Because they will not even give a second thought before kicking you out.

How to use it for Lowes credit card pre approval

There are certain things you should remember before using the shopping cart trick. Think like a small town boy who just wanted to be successful and this ruthless world has made him the bad guy. Now you are the hacker and you are going to show them that even the poor leaves can get equal rights as the rich leaves.

Remember if a full social security number is asked when you are applying that means you will have to play hard because in that case your whole information will be scanned. But if only the last 4digits are asked then you can take a sigh of relief because they will just verify you and not your credit report.

Now your mission has started. If you have a My Lowes account, get yourself logged in and if not then create a Lowes credit card account.  Quickly start adding items to your cart after signing in. do not finalize your purchase just add them because you should have at least one item in your cart.

Now go to your cart and look out for a pop up notification of being pre approved. If not then keep on doing the checkout process and enter your card information but do not, I repeat do not hit the “Complete order” tab or you will mess things up. You will soon get Lowes credit card approval notification.

The shopping cart trick does not work instantly all the time so please do not become a small town boy again who used to cry on every little thing. Be in your bad guy avatar and try these following instructions.

Alternative if it doesn’t work

  1. Such sort of pre approvals are usually notified through pop up ads so first turn off your pop up blockers.
  2. Think of a little more advanced way; a little more professionally. Why not we try to log out of the Lowes account and just play the pre approval game as a guest?
  3. Check your information you entered for Lowes credit card pre approval. It is possible that the sign up information doesn’t match your application information and your application will eventually be declined.
  4. You can also work it like a roaming soul. Sign up from Synchrony bank’s credit card website and visit the site time and again. It will work sooner or later just don’t lose hope.

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