How to Apply for Lowes Project Card for Project Financing?

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Home improvement and renovation has become easy with Lowes project card. This card especially for you if you are looking for an affordable new look for your house. Enjoy and finance your projects with low interest rates and fixed month to month payment.

What is the Lowes Project Card Used for?

The project card is basically designed for in store purchases of home repair tools or projects. Whenever you are purchasing items for your home renovation it counts as a project. The project card is ideal for the home based financing with cost management.

You can make different projects in your house reformation with this Lowes project card. You can redecorate your kitchen, repair your bathroom or roof, add another bedroom to your house or design a new lawn. You can have one project at a time. When the previous one is completed you can start a new one.

Terms and rates of Lowes project cards

To get qualified for a Lowes project card, you need to make a purchase worth a 1,000$.  This cad has a flexible payment and fee structure. The APR after six month is 7.99%. The first six month is free from this rate. There is no late fee penalty or annual fee. You will get 5% discount on every eligible purchase in the store.

Lowes project card account

It doesn’t make any difference if you already have a Lowes credit card account. When you apply for Lowes project card, you need to make a new account. The project card is activated with a new number and account. Make an account for the project card from the Lowes credit center. Login from your project card account and open new project windows for new projects.

Project windows

You must open a project window to use the project card. For that you must spend 1,000$ in store purchase. A project window remains open for a period of six month and you have to pay for your project within this time.

Once a project is completed and paid you can open a new one. The project windows make it easy to manage the expenses of the complete home renovation. You have to make a thousand dollar purchase with every new project window.

Project calculators

Project calculators are a sort of sets for home renovation. These calculators are specified with the areas of a house. For example if you have opened a project window for interior it will calculate the expenses.

The interior project calculator will divide the project in carpeting, painting, and furnishing. It will then calculate all departments separately. Project calculators and project windows work as partners to lessen your expense burden. These estimates will give you an accurate idea of how to manage the work.

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